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Parquery - Envision Smarter Parking

Parquery is a technology spin-off from the Computer Vision Laboratory of ETH Zurich. Parquery’s smart parking solution does not only detect vehicles: it provides real-time results and statistics to smart parking partners as well as facility managers. Our Application Programming Interface (API) integrates our real-time results into a partner’s portfolio, while our dashboard provides facility managers with insights into parking use. Book a demo

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Headquarters location Geerenweg 2
8048 Zurich
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Dr. Andrea Fossati and Dr. Angela Yao

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  • Smart Car Parking System
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Web Solutions

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Parquery’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can detect any object in images from any camera. In the context of smart parking, Parquery’s AI algorithms detect vehicles (boats, trains, trucks, etc.) in parking spots.

We Can Answer the Following Questions

  • Where are available parking spots? How can I identify them for my customers?
  • Has a vehicle parked longer than paid for?
  • How often are my parking lots used? Which areas are used most? When are peak hours?

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What is the Technology Behind Parquery’s Solution?

Parquery offers an image-based solution.

To use it, all you need are cameras that record your parking area.

Parquery’s AI algorithms will then detect vehicles in these images in real time, and the results will be delivered to partners or facility managers by a virtual dashboard or an Application Programming Interface (API).

The captured images are not stored, but are automatically deleted once processed.


Step 1. Parking area

In order to begin a new project, all Parquery needs is a map of the parking areas you wish to monitor.

Parking lot from above

Step 2. Camera view

  • If cameras are already installed, no additional infrastructure is required
  • If no camera is installed yet, Parquery simulates the ideal view for new cameras.

Parking lot from above - camera view

Step 3. Installation

Parquery can also help you choose suitable cameras, and to find a trustworthy camera installer.

Crane making an installation

Step 4. Parquery's AI algorithms

Once we receive the camera images, we analyse them with our AI solution and deliver real-time occupancy results to you.

Parquery's solution complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): no image is stored and no private data is processed.

Computer screen with program opened

Step 5. Results

API: Parquery's API can be easily integrated into any platform: parking display boards, Smartphone App, dashboard, etc.

Dashboard: Facility managers also receive results on a customized dashboard.

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