Parking services

Parking services

Valet parking

Valet parking is actually the opposite of finding a parking space on your own: It means that someone else parks your car for you. This person is called a valet. The valet parking service is often offered at restaurants, hotels, stores and other businesses. The service can be an additional service on the house, or you as a customer have to pay a fee. The advantage for the businesses that offer valet parking, is that you can stack more cars in your parking facility. You don’t have to deal with people double parking and you can even park two cars deep (with one car blocked). The valet holds all the keys so he can move one car in order to remove the other. A valet parking service usually gives the customer a feeling of luxury, because someone else parks their car when they enter, and pick it up whenever they want to leave. Most of the times, the valet receives tips from customers.

Park & Ride

Park and RidePark and Ride facilities are parking facilities that are usually just outside the city center, with direct public transport connections to the city center. These Park and Ride facilities are meant for commuters and other people who want to go to the city center. By adding these facilities, you can reduce the amount of traffic in the center. Also, drivers looking to park their car won’t have to deal with the stress of finding a parking space in a crowded city center and having to pay more money for parking for the same amount of time as outside of the city center.

Meet & Greet parking

Meet and Greet parking services are usually offered at airports. You drive your car to the airport where a chauffeur is waiting for you. You can go inside and the chauffeur will drive your car to the designated parking space. When you return, the chauffeur has already picked up your car from the parking facility and is waiting for you. Meet and great parking is convenient for people with lots of baggage or children en who don’t want to have the hassle of carrying everything from the parking space to the terminal. Normally you book the service by filling in a form where you enter at what specific spot and what time you want the chauffeur to pick up your car and bring it back again. If you return at the airport, after you collected your baggage, you can give the chauffeur a call and he will bring the car back to you and hand over the keys. You will most probably have to pay a fee for this service.