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Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering offers an integrated portfolio of futureproof IoT solutions for open cities and smart environments. Unique competencies in data collection systems, radio design and wireless sensor networks are at the core of its offering. Since 2015 it has been part of MinebeaMitsumi Group, the global provider of Electro Mechanics Solutions™ that combine control technology with machine and electronic technology. Its unique, broad range of solutions is aimed at creating new value through difference. The Group is striving to create products to contribute to a fully networked IoT society.

Company information

Headquarters location Via Passeggiata 7
CH-6883 Novazzano
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  • Data Collection Systems
  • IPv6 / 6LowPAN Networks
  • Parking Sensor Solutions
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • Smart Urban Networks
  • Vehicle Detection Systems
  • Wireless Sensors

Product information

PE Smart Urban Network

Interoperable, standard-based and reliable network platform enabling any Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT application in Open Cities, from smart parking to street lighting, from energy distribution to solid waste collection, from public WiFi to video surveillance, and more.

The platform includes a complete range of software and hardware systems (wireless vehicle detection sensors, repeaters and gateways) for parking-related solutions. It allows municipalities to remotely monitor and control parking facilities, collecting and taking advantage of a full range of data, such as the number of available lots in a specific area, the duration of each parking and possible abuses. These pieces of information enable a smarter management of existing facilities and the increase of average usage rates, with to the opportunity of setting dynamic pricing schemes and even launching emission-based fares. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with mobile apps, variable message panels and traffic guidance systems to design additional services for urban drivers.

Example of on road sensor

Discover Our Smart Parking Portfolio

Highly performing and reliable parking sensor combining earth magnetism and radio frequency to grant the highest possible accuracy in wireless vehicle detection. The product can be easily fixed onto the road surface, fitting both indoor and outdoor installations. IP67 protection grants excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions and high mechanical constraints. The built-in battery ensures up to 10 years of life. 

MinebeaMitsumi's Smart Parking Sensor

Smart Truck Parking

Illustration of a truck parking garage with sensors in the parking bays and on the lamp posts.


Our Smart Truck/Coach Parking solutions are able to locate and pinpoint safe and secure rest areas to professional drivers, optimize the whole process of loading/offloading in dedicated parking bays, and support tourism by providing a better experience for coach drivers.

Below ground Parking Sensors are installed in reserved lots and connected to the CMS platform or third-party applications to:

  • Detect vehicle occupancy in reserved lots
  • Send the information to a centralized management system that can share the information about parking availability in real-time with drivers through variable message panels, dedicated mobile apps, or onboard truck infotainment systems.
  • Inform drivers of available spaces for better maneuver
  • Coordinate loading/offloading with optimized traffic management

Our Smart Parking Solution for HGVs and coaches:

  • Ensures proper usage of parking lots on the highway truck areas, as HGV drivers can plan their resting schedule based on parking areas availability
  • Optimizes parking spaces for logistics, reducing waiting times and congestion in the logistics areas
  • Increases road safety by enabling HGV drivers to find parking in authorized areas, and within their resting schedule
  • Offers a better experience for tourist coach drivers who know in advance where to park, rest, pick up, and drop off tourists
  • Helps decrease CO2 emissions generated by trucks and coaches waiting to find a resting/maneuver area

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