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Innova Systems Group

Our activity focuses on the development of applications for our automatic recognition system of license plates (SIRAM), remaining market leaders of the access control with over 10.000 lanes installed in more than 50 countries.



Innova's mission is to provide solutions for access control and for the management of traffic based on innovative technologies such as the recognition of license plates. It is renowned due to its customer service quality, facilitating the personal and professional growth of its employees, encouraging reconciliation measures, a good work environment, equal opportunities, and generating solid and sustainable benefits. All of this, searching the common good of society through a policy of corporate social responsibility which helps and generates opportunities for the most disadvantaged, and taking care of the environment.


The values supporting the mission of the company are honesty, responsibility, commitment, solidarity, and sustainability.


Innova's vision is to create useful and sustainable technologies for society, without forgetting to enjoy doing our job as best as we know and can. That is why we are committed to research, development, and continuous innovation.

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Joaquim Mir 55
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Recent projects


LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in MediaMarkt's Logistics Area

Mediamarkt is a world-renowned brand for the sale of household appliances, computers, and consumer electronics. With its main offices in Germany, MediaMarkt has become the largest European retailer of consumer electronics.

Taking into account its security system and the constant mobility of employees and merchandise, MediaMarkt has decided to implement our LPR access control system in the first of its stores in Madrid. Our LPR technology effectively fulfills MediaMarkt requirements of automating the access of authorized vehicles in restricted areas and loading and unloading areas.

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in IKEA (Madrid) 

The growth of the Swedish multinational IKEA, dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture and house articles, has required the implementation of an effective access control system for its restricted loading and unloading areas as well as workers’ vehicles.

Our SIRAM automatic license plate recognition technology is an efficient solution for access control management that guarantees maximum security. Therefore, IKEA's Madrid store has relied on SIRAM for its access control management with the objective of automating the access of authorized vehicles in restricted areas and loading and unloading.

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in Iberia (Madrid)

Iberia's industrial zone, which since 2013 is the registered office of the IAG aeronautical group, has implemented our automatic license plate recognition system (SIRAM) to carry out the control of vehicular access since 2006.

In 2017 Iberia decided to update some of the system elements trusting in our efficient technology SIRAM as its vehicle access control system based on the recognition of license plates: allowing the automation of processes and transit control.


LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in Amazon (Barcelona)

The new Amazon's logistics center in Martorelles (Barcelona) has implemented SIRAM, a vehicle access control system based on automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). All LPR cameras have been installed at the entrance and exit lanes for trucks, as well as the automated access control for vehicles, to control the transit of trucks and other vehicles.



LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control for Customs El Salvador

The General Customs Management in El Salvador has implemented a vehicle access control system based on our automatic plate recognition technology SIRAM, in all its border control offices between Guatemala and Honduras. Our SIRAM technology works actively in border control points such as San Bartolo, Amatillo, Anguiatu, El Poy, Hachadura, Las Chinamas, and San Cristóbal.

This project is part of a regional action plan financed by the World Bank to promote the integration and development of Central America.

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control at FedEX Barcelona

FedEx has opened a new operations center in Zona Franca – Barcelona, which will be responsible for managing national and international shipments. The new FedEx Express Center in Barcelona occupies more than 16,000 square meters and has been equipped with the latest LPR technology.




Installation of Access Control for the Bank of Spain

The Bank of Spain is the body of the Spanish State which works as national central bank and, together with the European Central Bank, it works as supervisor of the Spanish banking system.

The SIRAM solution has been installed in the Bank of Spain with the aim of identifying vehicles as they enter the parking.




Installation of Access Controls for Gas Natural Fenosa

Gas Natural Fenosa is a Spanish private company dedicated to the commercialization of natural gas and electricity.






Public Parking Managed by SABA

The main stations of the high-speed train (AVE) in Spain have public parking managed by SABA, one of the main parking operators worldwide.
The SIRAM solution has been installed in many of these parking facilities with a double function:

  • Security. The train station, as part of a critical infrastructure, requires careful monitoring from the security department and law enforcement agencies. That is why being able to know the vehicles who enter the premises and parking areas is part of the risk prevention policy in this type of infrastructure.
  • Parking Procedure. In the case of the parking procedure, being able to have the vehicle license plate when it enters, results in a better service to the client.
    In the SABA parking facilities in Spain it is possible to perform the payment with Tag (Via-T), so in the event of an incidence with the TAG system or the conventional ticket, it is always possible to search the entry transit (date, time and lane) using the license plate number.

Installation in Shopping Center Barreiro Planet

Barreiro Planet is a shopping area composed of a retail park and a shopping center consisting of shops, hypermarket, restaurants, and a service station.






Security and traffic management in the accesses to the city and to the industrial park

The municipality of Paterna is located in the province of Valencia (Spain), and here we can find a great industrial park and a technological park.
The SIRAM solution has been installed in the municipality of Paterna with the purpose of managing the security and the traffic in the accesses to the city and to the industrial park.


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Product information

OCR5: ALPR Technology based on Deep Learning

Discover OCR5 and the advantages of Deep Learning applied to license plate recognition.
OCR5 is a multi-country and multi-platform license plate recognition engine that offers you a very high success rate.



  • Works with any ONVIF camera
  • Performs automatic Zoom and Focus camera calibration
  • Identify the direction and brand of the vehicle
  • Incorporates more than 50 Protocols. Easily integrated



i-SIRAM: All-in-One ALPR Cameras

Discover i- Siram: All in One capture units for license plate recognition (by Innova)



The magic of being able to use the power of OCR5, the license plate recognition engine based on Deep Learning by Innova, embedded in an Axis camera.
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Autoris with P-iris control
  • WDR in the IR and Visible spectrum
  • No need for IR Filter


Control solutions for different areas

In Innova we are specialised in providing solutions of access control, security, marketing and traffic management based on our plate recognition system: SIRAM.

Based on the latest automatic number plate recognition technology, SIRAM has been designed with a modular and scalable architecture to provide a versatile, robust and easily integrated application.

SIRAM offers solutions to access control, security, marketing and traffic management. 

Access Control and Security

SIRAM can work autonomously as a vehicle access control system or can be integrated into a global access control system that covers people and vehicles.

Access to Shopping Centers

Shopping centers now offer a wide range of leisure and entertainment options including restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys and bars. Given this diversity of businesses and the large volume of visitors, various security measures are now deemed essential. SIRAM is able to guarantee security by identifying stolen or blacklisted vehicles, and through the extraction of information related to consumer behavior, it can aid marketing activity.

Access to Public Car Parks

SIRAM is integrated with the main manufacturers of parking systems, including Amano, CAME Parkare, HUB Parking and SKIDATA. SIRAM offers subscriptions per place, dynamic output per plate, prevention of fraud and vehicle theft and solutions in case of loss of tickets.

LPR Solutions for Vehicle Access Control 

LPR Solutions for Vehicle Access Control


SIRAM is a modular system that features various hardware and software modules.

System components SIRAM

Hardware: Capture Units

SIRAM incorporates a wide variety of capture units, adding greater versatility to the license plate recognition system. They are available for barriers, the roof, wall or ground and are suitable for various applications from residential or industrial access to airport and shopping centers.

Software: OCR Software

OCR allows for the automatic recognition of number plates for each capture unit or camera. After the number plate is identified, the data can be sent to different types of software including SIRAM Access Control Suite and car park management software.

Hardware: Control Electronics

The SIRAM COMEX tells the capture unit when a vehicle arrives at the access control point so that it can take photographs of the number plate and activate external elements such as barriers, traffic lights, and blades through the relay outputs.

Software: Management Software

The vehicle access control suite is made up of a set of software modules with the following features:

  • Real-time display of access points
  • Management of the DB for configuration of the system and historical searches
  • Deletion of historical data according to the expiry date
  • Synchronisation of databases in distributed environments

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