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Geosparc is a Belgian technology company specialized in data driven smart parking solutions, whose mission it is to "Make the impact of policies predictable". We facilitate and make the parking related policies of governments and businesses predictable. We do this with our Parktrack platform, which:

  • Collects and connects data from different hardware installations and software platforms to monitor, predict and adjust the policies, and at the same time enforce it without errors and in a legally binding way.
  • Monitors the status of (already) installed hardware and connected software itself, enabling the owner to track the use and availability of his infrastructure.
  • Parktrack also offers important insights into investment policy: can the use and profitability of the already installed infrastructure be increased and optimised by maintaining or adjusting the operation (pricing or terms of use) or should investments be made in additional capacity?
  • Finally, Parktrack enriches its platform with contextual data to gain additional insights.

We understand how data can become the fuel for knowledge. Our Parktrack software platform is the centerpiece of our solution.It is where we collect the parking related data from diverse IoT devices and where we clean, aggregate, and make this data actionable for our customers. Parktrack is also the monitoring and analytics platform for different technical and communication related parameters for the used infrastructure.

Parktrack can be the customer facing interface allowing the visualization of the data and reporting on the infrastructure, or it can be the gateway for actionable open data towards third party applications or solutions.

One of the use cases for Parktrack is the management of data generated by smart parking sensors.

For our clients we have:

  • selected the most optimal smart sensor
  • installed and maintained the sensor infrastructure (up to 3000 units per client for 10+ years)
  • collected, cleaned and validated the sensor data
  • visualized the smart parking data
  • monitored the infrastructure (smart alarming and predictive maintenance)
  • made the data available through API’s for multiple diverse systems (parking management systems, apps, indoor and outdoor screens, notifications, smart routing applications, counters,…)
  • enriched other data platforms to create value for stakeholders

Interview with Geosparc and MOBILISIS 

At Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022, we had a chance to talk to Allan Segebarth from Geosparc and Kresimir Mestric from MOBILISIS about their partnership.

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Headquarters location Molenweidestraat 24
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  • Data Analytics
  • Data driven Parking bay policy
  • Data driven parking enforcement
  • EV charging infrastructure optimization
  • EV Charging optimization platform for business users
  • EV Charging optimization platform for infrastructure providers and cities
  • Middleware platform for parking related data management
  • Parking Data
  • Parking Data Analytics
  • Parking Data Digitalization
  • Smart Parking Sensor Solutions

Product information

Parktrack Geospark

About Parktrack

Parktrack is a real-time, user-friendly online platform for managing, monitoring and reporting on parking infrastructure. Parktrack functions as a central Middleware platform for data collection (from various infrastructure and data sources), processing, optimization and control. Schematically we can present the possibilities as follows:


Parktrack is Software as a Service (SaaS): the application is hosted by Geosparc and is available to cities or municipalities, as well as our partners, via standard web browsers (both on desktop and mobile devices).

Parktrack collects and maintains data from the following infrastructure and data sources (Depending on what is effectively connected or makes API's available)

  • Parking sensors
  • Charging stations / CPO
  • Camera’s
  • Parking meters
  • Parking Rights Database

Such data enriches the platform and thus offers operationally efficient insights.

Parktrack processes this data into simple, reliable and real-time data analyses & reports:

  • Insights into parking space usage, possibly also enriched with charging station data, feedback from enforcement, city-specific mobility factors, etc... (depending on linked infrastructure)
  • Both visually via map technology and via data reports

map technology and data reports

  • Real-time overviews on maps & reports as well as historical reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Trends & Cycles
  • Charging stations and bay abuse (ice-ing). 

Charging stations and bay abuse (ice-ing).

  • A separate module can also be used to build prediction models to predict the impact of new, potential policy choices based on historical data from various sources.

Parktrack focuses on smart algorithms and data activation and allows – among others - for the following use cases :

Digital platform

In every one of these use cases we provide the platform to support intelligent decision-making based on the generated and curated data stream coming from the IoT devices. For many of our clients, we also provide the sensor hardware enabling these data driven use cases.

Some examples:

1. Data driven approach to optimization of EV Charging infrastructure:

Data driven approach to optimization of EV Charging infrastructure

Combining data from smart sensors and EV charging infrastructure, is a must-have data combination. to:

  • increase the profitability of the charging infrastructure, as EV bay abuse is monitored and visualized, allowing to act on eventual abuse (ice-ing, overstays,..)
  • Data Driven enforcement. Direct the enforcement efforts to parking bays who are in policy breach.
  • Added value for e-riders. Direct your e-riders to EV bays who are available and free.

2. Parking availability :

Monitor and visualize the availability of parking spaces, independent from the installed hardware. Visualize the data in apps, websites, or digital displays.

3. Limited time free parking (Shop&Go, Kiss and Ride):

  • Enable short parking in city center and commercial areas to stimulate local economy
  • Define policy (ex : zero tolerance as ambition)
  • Measure based on accureate data
  • Data driven enforcement
  • Monitoring and benchmarking
  • Differentiate policy per zone or timeslot

4. Data Driven Enforcement 

Smart alerts based on policy and data

Data driven enforcement

5. Reserved Parking bays

  • User friendly vehicle identification (BLE tag communicating with smart sensor)
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Connected hardware and enforcement

All previous use cases are facilitated by the Parktrack middleware platform. Qualitative data combined with performing hardware allow us to provide data drive mobility solutions ranging from parking availability counting, data driven enforcement to EV-charging bay optimization.