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BendPak, Inc are providers of the revolutionary Autostacker, the latest parking lift to hit both home and commercial markets. With the strength to handle loads up to 6,000 pounds, Autostacker is the perfect mechanical parking lift system that doubles as a home car lift and professional stacker.

Autostacker car lift in a garage with two cars parked one on top of the other

Autostacker is the perfect lifting solution for a residential garage, bringing industrial-grade equipment to the home. With a smaller than usual footprint, Autostacker provides many more homeowners with the opportunity to make better use of their garage by installing this powerful and safe parking lift.

Autostacker offers the best solution for various vehicles. The lower parking space can comfortably fit light-duty trucks and SUVs, whilst the loading deck can lift vehicles up to 6,000 lbs and has a patented incline making it easy for dropped vehicles and racecars to use.

Autostacker is making lifting and stacking cars a reality for the home garage, bringing the biggest innovation since the electric door.

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Headquarters location 1645 Lemonwood Drive
California 93060
Santa Paula
United States
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Product information

Diagram of Autostacker

The Autostacker is the latest-model parking lift to hit the home and commercial markets. With the strength to support loads up to 6,000 lbs. and the minimal footprint necessary for a home garage lift, the Autostacker is the perfect garage parking lift for any home or shop owner. Autostacker is no tinker-toy hobby lift, nor is it “more of the same” kind of parking lift that was initially designed for commercial garages and lazily shoved onto home buyers. Autostacker is something new.

Four images showing a silver car on a parking lift

6,000-lb. Lifting Capacity

When you make Autostacker your home parking lift, you get enough storage capacity to lift most cars.

Low-Profile Entry Ramp

Our super-low-profile deck is gently inclined to permit safe, easy clearance for low-stance vehicles.

Interlocking Galvanized Platform

A hot-dipped, zinc-coated platform lasts many years and protects the bottom vehicle from fluid drips.

Automatic Safety Locks

All locks engage continuously as the parking lift rises past five heights for versatile positioning.

Removable Access Panel


Parking lift with Autostacker name displayed and removable panel in the middle with dimensions

With the removable access panel, the Autostacker can be turned into a fully open-center maintenance lift. The panel can be adjusted anywhere under the vehicle, so oil changes are easy on any make and model.

Easy Installation

Autostacker PL-6SRX - Extra Wide Model

Single space car lift with a red car on the bottom with door open and white car on top.

Meet the Autostacker PL-6SRX, an extra-wide version of the world's best fully collapsible parking lift. Like our standard-width model, the extra-wide edition offers a safe, easy way to store two vehicles in a single parking space. This model offers 8 more inches of interior space, making it easier to open vehicle doors and make a clean exit.

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