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Noordeinde 30

Delft , 2611 KH

The Netherlands


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realtime data
with Smart Sensor Solutions

Abel Sensors develops and delivers smart wireless sensors for a number of different markets. We were founded in 2009 in the city of Delft in the Netherlands.

Global changes in economies, population and climate result in a demand for more efficiency and more sustainability. At the same time, technological advances make it possible to develop technical solutions increasingly more applications. Cities are facing challenges in terms of infrastructure, traffic, energy use, pollution and safety while resources are increasingly scarce. The agricultural sector also faces challenges in terms of water, land use and more scarce resources. Advanced Internet-of-Things solutions and developments in sensor technology form the backbone of Smart Everything to monitor and improve efficiency and sustainability.

"with our smart sensor solutions
we measure, collect and enrich data
to provide realtime monitoring dashboards
to improve efficiency and sustainability"

image of an underground bike parking

With expertise in sensor design, wireless interfaces, ultra-low power technologies, and embedded systems we create IoT devices with a battery life of up to 15 years. Abel has its own sensor management system and API's to connect with your digital system. Our modular sensor system makes it possible to create custom sensors in no-time to make your business more efficient.

Benefit from our end-to-end solutions existing out of 4 elements:

Smart Sensors
Customized sensor technology for every application

Data connectivity
Accurate realtime data with wireless standards

Dashboards for monitoring, analysis and notifications

Support & maintenance
services include inhouse- and onsite support

Company information

Headquarters location Noordeinde 30
2611 KH Delft
The Netherlands
Some facts
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Founded by

Ronald Bolijn

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Recent projects

Abel Sensors has delivered detection systems for more than 120.000 bikes, all over the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and England already.

The Hague Central Station (The Netherlands)

Station Gouda (The Netherlands)

Utrecht Central Station (The Netherlands)

University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Radstation Münster Hbf. (Germany)

Neuilly-Sur-Seinde ( Neuilly, France)

image of a project Neuilly-Sur-Seinde

Interparking Brussels LOI (Brussels, Belgium)

image of a project at Interparking Brussels LOI

We also installed sensors in:

  • City Delft (The Netherlands)
  • City Den Haag (The Netherlands)
  • City Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
  • City Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • City Tilburg (The Netherlands)
  • City Arnhem (The Netherlands)
  • City Maastricht (The Netherlands)
  • City Gouda (The Netherlands)
  • City Almere (The Netherlands)
  • City Gent (Belgium)
  • City Brugge (Belgium)


  • ANPR Solutions
  • Bike Finder
  • Car Finder
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Customized dashboard
  • Intelligent Parking Management System
  • IoT Technologies
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Mobile Payment System
  • Optical Detection
  • Parking Kiosks
  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • Way finding
  • Wireless Smart Sensors solutions

Product information

Smart Parking

Vehicle Guidance System

Abel offers a camera based parking guidance solution with high accuracy detection, effective guidance, find your car back, security features, and cloud monitoring software.

Your challenge?

Is it your challenge to create a high value parking? To optimize wayfinding to available parking spots? To improve safety by offering quick and hassle free routing? To being able to manage a growing number of vehicle categories? To helping customers to find back their car? To lower operating costs by dynamically closing parts of the parking?

Our solution!

  • Optical detection
  • Wayfinding
  • Cloud platform
  • ANPR & kiosk application

Optical detectionimage of parked cars with a detection solution

  • 99,9% accurate
  • Sensor algorithm for advanced detection
  • Real-time data collection
  • Supporting all vehicle categories

Wayfinding with signsimage of sign

  • Custom design
  • Fully configurable
  • Multiple dimensions

cars parked in underground car park

Wayfinding with LED

  • Modular LEDs
  • Fully configurable
  • Multiple color


ANPR & Kiosk

  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Kiosk to find back your car

Cloud platformimage of cloud platform

  • Sensor algorithm for advanced detection
  • Real-time data collection
  • Historical data and statistics
  • API to integrate data into 3rd party apps


Abel USP's

Highly accuracy solution with detection rates over 99,9%
Fully modular and flexible installation method
Hybrid parking solution for both cars and bikes
High quality at cost effective level
Full solution partner & complete implementation by Abel

Your benefits

For parking owners & operators

For parking users

  • Realtime insights
  • Higher service level for customers
  • Support and optimize vehicle categories
  • Higher safety with less traffic
  • Lower operating cost
  • Higher service level with wayfinding
  • Realtime navigation to vacant parking
  • Find your vehicle

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